Tofino is in Stage 1 of Water Restrictions
May 18, 2024

Please be advised that as of Monday, May 13th, the community of Tofino has entered Stage 1 of water restrictions. This decision has been made due to the current lack of forecasted rain, which poses a significant challenge to our water supply.

We must all make a conscious effort to limit our water usage wherever possible. This includes simple actions such as reducing the duration of showers, being vigilant about leaks or dripping taps, and ensuring that dishwashers and laundry machines are only operated when fully loaded.

Your contributions to water conservation are vital at this time and will greatly assist in preventing or delaying the need to escalate to Stage 2 of restrictions. Remember, every drop counts!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this crucial period. Together, we can make a difference and ensure the sustainability of our water resources for the entire community.