Tofino Co-op Food Store Health Protection Measures
May 20, 2020

Tofino Co-op Food Store Health Protection Measures
 June 11th /2021

The following safety measures/polices must be adhered to, not only for your safety but the safety of our Staff.

• 8:30 to 10:00 AM – Only Seniors (60+), Immune Disorders, Medical Personal and First Responders allowed in Store.
• Regular shopping from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM.
• Limit of 40 Patrons in Store at any one time.
• Patrons in line to come into Store must practice “Social Distancing”. Please no smoking in the line-up.
• Sanitizer available at front entrance.
• Only 2 persons per group allowed in the Store (children are not counted in this total).
• Customers who arrive with cold, influenza, or COVID-19 like symptoms to return home and use a delivery service instead.
• No loitering in entrance area or Store.
• Use carts & baskets that have been cleaned only. After shopping please return your cart or basket to cleaning area.
• No socialization within Store – quicker your done shopping the better.
• Please adhere to “Social Distancing” not only at tills but entire sales floor.
• Any abuse/harassment of Staff Members will not be tolerated in any manner and this includes “Social Media”.

  • Mask use is mandatory for all Co-op Staff and Customers in all Store locations
  • Re-useable bags are allowed in store. 

See our Food Store Covid-19 Safety Plan as per Worksafe BC Guidelines and recommendations below. For Tofino Life Clothing, Hardware and Gas Bar, please click here.

Please note these Health Measures and Safety Plans are implemented and mandated by the General Manager, Health and Safety Committee and Human Resources of the Tofino Co-op, based on recommendations and guidelines from WorkSafeBC and the BC Ministry of Health.