May 27, 2020


Welcome to the latest news report from the board to keep you informed of what is new with Tofino Co-op.
As always, we thank you for your support and patronage.

Tofino Co-op COVID-19 Operations

Thank you to all employees at Tofino Co-op! Your dedication to support members’ shopping has been noted and you all are most appreciated.
Thank you to our members for your support. There have had to be many operational modifications to ensure safety for staff and for shoppers in order to comply with BC Ministry of Health during COVID-19 pandemic. Staff and management have reported that the community has been overwhelmingly patient and supportive with the current changes and we thank you for shopping local and for abiding to the new health and safety rules!
Most recent changes include: the number of persons in the food store at any one time can be no greater than 25, and no greater than 5 in the hardware location. Numbers are monitored at the entrance and all are requested to please use the hand sanitizer provided at the doors as you enter. We are asked to maintain social distancing of a minimum of 2 metres. Tofino Life Clothing is now open from May 22 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10:00am-5:00pm of each week.
The GM advises:
• The service of providing Lottery is again available.
• There will be no closure at mid-day.
• Sanitizing shopping carts, shopping baskets, door and handles to coolers, etc.,
will be ongoing throughout the day.
You are welcome to refer to the co-op’s website for further details.

Your Co-op is Really Yours Because You Own It!

We are a different kind of business – a business that shares its profits with our members. Tofino Co-op membership offers rewards including high quality products and service at competitive prices. Your Tofino Co-op also offers the potential for annual cash-back and an equity account that grows over time, as well as the opportunity to be involved as a member-owner.
Everyone is welcome to shop at Tofino Co-op, and everyone is invited to become a member. There are no points to collect or miles to accumulate. Members receive cash back to spend on whatever they like. It is simple – cash back!

Why is Membership Important?

Tofino Co-op would not exist or operate without its members. Instead of being owned by one person, one family, or a large number of non-local stock holders, controlled by a head office somewhere that is not part of our communities, Tofino Co-op is locally operated and is owned by anyone who wants to be a member. Most of our members live in Tofino or surrounding communities. When a member shops at the Co-op, the amount of their purchases is added up and they share in the profits, at the rate of their purchases.

What’s an Equity Account?

An equity account is like a savings account. Every Co-op member has one. Each year your Co-op’s profits are shared among members. A portion is paid back to you in cash. The remaining portion is deposited into your equity account and it grows over time until the share account equals $1000. At that point you are “fully vested,” and all of your annual equity comes back to you in cash. The Co-op holds your $1000 share account until you move, retire (age 65), or pass away. When that happens, you or your estate, are paid out the amount in your share account.

How much will I get back?

Members’ allocations depend on the amount they purchase from the Co-op. If you make more purchases at your Co-op, your cash back will increase. It is easy to earn cash back just by shopping at Co-op for your everyday needs. The Board of Directors determines at the end of each year, the percentage of equity allocation to release to the membership. In recent years, Tofino Co-op has paid out 4.5 - 6% of purchases made by each member during the closing Fiscal Year. For the Fiscal Year that ended on 1 Feb 2020, the amount will be 6%, to be paid out this Fall.

Members Save Money Shopping Co-op

10% Savings Fridays. Our General Manager, Mike Tomilin, has advised us he is continuing with two 10% savings Fridays per month. The discount is available in all locations except the Gas Bar. The following dates are set for Savings Fridays.
June 12 10% discount
June 26 10% discount
July 17 10% discount
July 31 10% discount

Scratch and Save

In addition, Mike is offering Scratch and Save at the Food Store every first Tuesday of each month:
Tuesday June 2
Tuesday July 7

Senior Wednesdays

A further opportunity for savings is offered to Tofino Co-op Senior (65 years and older) Members.
Our Senior members will receive 10% discount at the food store every Wednesday, for the rest of 2020.

Open House Meet and Greet with Members and the Board

Unfortunately, due to COVIC-19 social distancing, our meet and greet open-house had to be postponed. When the BC Health Guidelines permit us to meet, we will set a new date and invite you to share your ideas and to have conversations in person. In the meantime please continue to leave us your suggestions and feedback in the suggestion boxes or e-mail us at:

Tofino Co-op Annual General Meeting

The June 10, 2020 Tofino Co-op Annual General Meeting is postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic BC Health Regulations.
A new date is yet to be determined, and will be announced at least two months in advance.
The Board of Directors, democratically elected at the AGM according to our bylaws, oversees governance of the Co-op. It represents the Co-op and its members, as a whole. It guides and supports management. We embed sustainability in our business by planning and investing for the long term keeping in mind our communities and environment. There will be two Board positions open this year with both incumbents running for re-election. Board nomination packages are available for pick-up at the Tofino Co-op grocery store office, and completed forms must be submitted to the office no later than two weeks in advance of the AGM date.

Expect Another Tofino Radio Interview

Tuff City Radio and Tofino Co-op will be scheduling another radio interview. Stay tuned to Tuff City Radio for the date and time. The Tofino Co-op website will also post the date and time. Thank you, Cameron, for having us! Much appreciate the conversation to keep all of our communities informed.

Tla-o-qui-aht Signage in Food Store

Placing Tla-o-qui-aht signage in the Food Store is an on-going project. This signage is to be in addition to what is currently in place. The General Manager is working with a local expert on Tla-o-qui-aht Language and we expect to be able to order the signs soon. This idea was suggested by a member at the last AGM.

YES Summer Camp

Please note "Yes" summer camp program has been cancelled for this summer.
Through the development of co-operative leadership and self-worth, the YES initiative builds inclusive communities where all youth thrive. There are six weeks of summer camp for 2020 and there is space for 420 youth from around the province, ages 14-18. The Tofino Co-op will sponsor 2 local youth to attend each year. If there is a young person you know who would like to participate please call the administrative office for an application (250 725-3226).

Tofino Co-op 2020 Scholarships at USS

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s scholarships! Good luck in all of your future endeavours.

Status of Legal Case Regarding the Bradshaw Building

As you will recall, the plaintiffs (Tergeo Holdings) have agreed, in writing, in 2019, to withdraw their claims against the Tofino Co-op. However, the plaintiffs have not yet filed the necessary application with the court. Until they do so, Tofino Co-op is technically still a defendant. The plaintiffs also continue their claims against Triple Mar.
Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the courts have been closed for the past two months, thereby cancelling the previously scheduled court date for this case. The courts will begin opening again in June and the new, earliest court date for the trial is next year, on 26 April, 2021. The original claims by Tergeo Holdings were launched in June of 2017.

Co-op GOLD/D’OR Label

The Co-op Gold/D’or label offers a wide range of products carefully selected to deliver exceptional quality and value. Co-op Gold also offers a broad range of organic products that are primarily sourced in Canada. Our Co-op Gold brand supports Canadian farmers, suppliers, and businesses to bring you the best options for a health lifestyle.